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TCM: The Next Generation (1994)
The Undertaker
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation For legal reasons, it took a few years for this film, basically a remake of the original, to be seen by fans. Originalís writer Kim Henkel had his hand in this one, so it seemed like a good bet, but I donít think it quite cuts the mustard... even with a chainsaw. While it has a few decent moments, some flashing, and a cool over-the-top performance by Matt Mcconaughey, it just seemed to be trying way too hard to me. I kinda like the "new family" in this one, but I hated the way the character of Leatherface was portrayed in this one. I donít need a drag queen acting ĎFace nor some stupid Euro-looking or whatever the hell they were suppose to be types popping up out of nowhere by the end. What the hell was that ending about? Who was flying that plane? The few bright spots may make die hard fans enjoy, but TCMís fourth incarnation is harder to swallow than one of those hard shell pepper-corns mentioned in two. Sadly, as bad as this is, I doubt it will suck as bad as the new direct remake coming in 2003.

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