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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3: Leatherface Although the released version was trimmed and differed from director Jeff Burr’s original vision, Leatherface is still a damn good movie. Three leans a little more toward the original than part 2 honestly, aside from the heavy metal soundtrack, and it has some cool scenes for Leatherface fans. We get a little bit more of a glimpse at his personality here. He also gets that awesome looking new present engraved with" The Saw is Family", gotta love that. The new family is a very strange crew indeed, complete now with a mama and a mean ass little girl, who’s as sadistic as the rest of the cannibal clan. I still missed Jim Siedow and Bill Moseley in this one though, and would have loved seeing them in relation to the rest. Seeing what happened in part four, this one now looks even better by comparison. My favorite character here is the little pervert gas attendant. The scene where he calls Ken Foree O.J. splits my shorts every time. Hell, wasn’t that a little bit of foreshadowing? He’s the comic relief in three, though most of this film is pretty brutal and has some truly nasty moments. The mama’s voice box thing really creeps me out. Ken Foree is in fine form here and plays the hero role very well. Seeing that couple chased and stalked never gets old; once part three gets to that shitty looking old gas station it’s full bore from there on out. I liked the pace as much as ‘Face. Leatherface never comes close to being as disturbing as the original or as entertaining as the second, but it stands as a decent, strong entry for a third film. The trailer for this film I especially remember as cool. All said, this movie was set-up for failure, but it managed to be a gory thrill ride of a movie that wasn’t the disappointment some expected. Wish they’d release the uncut version to dvd now.

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