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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre What the hell can I or need I really say here folks? This is certainly one of the most beloved horror films of all time. It might also be one of the most notorious horror films of all time, especially to mainstreamers and non-horror fans. The mention of its name is sure to get you some kind of reaction from a person one way or the other. The best film Tobe Hopper will ever make has stood the test of time for nearly 30 years. It would be great to have an awesome 30th anniversary theatrical release in 2004 wouldnít it? Well, we can dream, but it ainít gonna happen people. I donít think it will anyway; could be wrong. TCM is too tough, too dirty, too gritty, too mean, too redneck, too damn good to be seen by the masses these days. This film is one creepy nightmare that at times seems almost real. Donít think the makers of Blair Witch didnít take a long hard look at this film. The beginning is near perfect and sets us up for one of the wildest rides in horror history. Truth be told, how many people actually got killed in here with a chainsaw? Not exactly a massacre, huh? I always thought the meat hook scene was the best anyway. This is exploitation horror at its best and done right. Leatherface is creepy looking when on screen as are the noises he makes both with and without the saw. Iíve always felt the best thing going for TCM was the set design. The things we see inside the familyís house are incredible and make you cringe on site. The sound FX and editing ainít half bad either. Of course there are some brutal murders, but not quite as gory as the filmís name would imply. The family is a gruesome mix and the kids are all nice enough (and the girls nice looking enough) not to deserve their fate. A prime example of great casting and really good acting from a bunch of nobodies who became somebodies to all of us fans. This film is still unsettling and disturbing to this day; watch it again, alone in the dark if ya donít believe me. Iíd like to say that TCM was influential, but I think it was too good to be copied at on most levels. Itís hard to match the mood and atmosphere that Hooper captured here on this shoot. Leatherface may have been the 1st famous killer in a mask as he was sawing before Michael stole that Shatner mask and Jason learned to play goalie. He wore a dress and a wig too, but only on the weekends. You just knew those kids were in deep shit as soon as they stopped the van for the hitcher. I have seen TCM probably more than any other movie aside from Friday the 13th, Phantasm, Dawn, Halloween, and Evil Dead, all of these nearly as much (Phantasm the most). It never gets old. The scene of Leatherface pulling down that door never still has an impact. I could go on and on, but thereís no need to...the saw is the law!

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